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On October 15th we celebrated the third edition of Travieso’s F2F. An event that never ceases to surprise and impact, both athletes and attendees. On this occasion, and as a novelty, Travieso gave the opportunity to participate on Sunday, October 16, to 16 intermediate mixed couples and 16 mixed couples climbed in the «PLAY OFFS» so that they could enjoy and taste this competition so attractive for its format and its content.

We had a challenge, a purpose, an objective… And you know what? WE DID IT!! 16 female RX athletes were encouraged to participate, making us the first and only event to have the same number of participants of both sexes. In this way we equalize conditions and opportunities for all athletes.

This edition leaves the box and the street to enter the Pablos Abril Pavilion in San Cristóbal de La Laguna. An ideal location that has allowed us to play with light and sound effects, among other special effects. Once all the athletes have been picked up and taken to the hotel where they meet, we take care of finalizing the details so that everything is ready for the next day.


At 4:00 p.m., after the doors open, the warm-up and the presentation of the judges… ALL READY. ALL READY. START THE EVENT!!! Eduardo González was the speaker who introduced the event and the entire team of judges who were responsible for everything running its course. The athletes came out of the arch wrapped in sparks to welcome them in style. Without forgetting our ambassador Acoran Hernández, a professional weightlifting athlete from the Canary Islands, who helped us during the event and carried out a challenge of his modality.

16 male athletes and 16 female athletes started with a first qualifying wod. This wod would determine the matches between them to start the elimination rounds. The level is getting higher, especially in the female category, which gave us a great show. Who would take the champion trophy and the cash prize? Bets were allowed but things were very close.

As the rounds went by and the athletes found themselves with new exercises provided by GetStrong Fit, the confrontations became more difficult. Between rounds there were numerous challenges where the public could participate and be part of the show. It’s wonderful when you have such lively attendees.

The wheelchair athletes of the ADEIN basketball team dared to participate in a partner wood, demonstrating the importance of inclusion in sport, performing the same exercises as their partner in an adapted way. These people don’t make excuses and are willing to give everything. They weren’t going to let themselves be pushed out of their comfort zone that easily.

After the wod they challenged their partners to an impromptu game of wheelchair basketball and guess what…it was very difficult! Putting yourself in their shoes makes you see the world from another perspective and understand many difficulties that are presented to them daily. Your effort is admirable.



After overcoming all the rounds, we reached the finals where Elia Navarro faced Valentina Rangel and Javi González against Jaazael Suarez. The winners of this F2F 2022 were Valentina Rangel and, for the second consecutive year remaining undefeated, Javi González.


Many have been the ones who have asked to be able to participate in the F2F in many ways and this year we decided to take the step and launch ourselves with the people at home. 31 mixed couples faced each other in the intermediate and scaled categories under the same format and with similar wods as the individual RXs.

The uncertainty regarding the acceptance of athletes and attendees was enormous, but it was a surprise when all the places were filled and more than 1,000 people attended to enjoy with the entire team.

The teams “MODO AVION” and “MACNESIO TEAM” were the winners of this edition. All the teams showed that you don’t have to be an elite athlete to give your all and create an atmosphere of maximum tension that would envelop the entire pavilion. In the Canary Islands there is talent and a high level.

It has been the most exciting F2F that has been experienced so far, but this was not over, it is time to prepare what is expected next year. See you in 2023!