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Well, the same but represented in a brand. With an urban and sporty idea that challenges conventional lines and is inspired by what makes them different, Travieso inspires athletes, artists and «weirdos» to break the prescribed norm, ignoring what is correct and proposing an indomitable vision of life with exclusive values and adapted to new trends.

Travieso is a demanding brand, with hyperactivity and ambition, but we don’t want the winner just because he wins. We are interested in what stands out for its own personality and that identifies with the brand.

«Try to always be the first. If not the first, the best. If not the best, be unique.»

Naughty prefers to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, he loves to troll under humor and good vibes. Follow a clandestine line without leaving the framework of legality. We are not looking to compete against others, rather to unite and be like the little brother.

We take care of promoting art, culture and sport with an exclusive and limited concept. We support those «weirdos» who have that essence so that they can make a career out of their passion.

The color “naughty yellow” already exists and we want all of our fans to wear the Naughty logo in whatever way they can think of. Our idea is not to offer what you can already get easily. Our goal is to change the rules of the game, to do the impossible, what everyone would think is crazy and which they don’t do out of fear… Who says you can’t? We set the standards.


Determined by our athletes, artists, fans, and trolls, Travieso is so much more than a brand, it’s…

…an attitude.